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80 years of experience working 


Electrical Construction Plans

Pre-construction Planning

The key to a successful working partnership and project begins with  a solid foundation. We pride ourselves on the following: pre-construction and design services, detailed pricing and budget development, attentiveness to job schedules, the highest level of communication, a keen focus on safety, and, lastly, a willingness to listen. 


Commercial/Light Industrial

At our core: Executing electrical construction projects safely, timely,

and with a focus on quality craftmanship. Our organization is large enough to build most any project, yet, mindful enough to be sensitive and reactive to our client’s needs. We try very hard to be a contractor who is “easy to do business with.” This trait is evident based on our history of partnering with clients who repeatedly employ our services to reproduce high quality projects for them.

Network Hub and Cable

Data/Voice/Fiber Optics

Network Infrastructures are our business. We believe that a complete network infrastructure includes the first three layers of the OSI Network model: the Physical Layer (cable path), the Media Access Layer (hubs, switches, and bridges), and the Network Layer (routers). All other network layers reside on top of these first three. 

When the first three layers are designed and implemented properly, and are standards-based, the network should be able to change and grow as applications demand with little or no significant reinvestment in the infrastructure. This is our design philosophy and what we strive for.


Eldridge Electric Company was established in 1944 in Beaumont, Texas and has been in continuous operation since. In 1972, after the death of the company's founder, Oscar Eldridge, the company was purchased by Cora Hines and has been under the same management until 2020.


In 1985, Eldridge established open shop operations in Austin and San Antonio, Texas under the name Lakewood Electrical Contractors, Inc. In 1988 all operations were combined under the name Eldridge Electric and the offices were moved to San Antonio, Texas.


While in Beaumont, the company specialized in commercial construction and heavy industrial construction, completing such projects as the Beaumont Civic Center and office building, Gulf States Utilities headquarters, refining and petrochemical process units, steel mills, paper mills and multiple substations.


After moving to San Antonio, the company has specialized in commercial and light industrial construction, while expanding it's reach and establishing a Voice-Data-Fiber Optic Infrastructure and installation division.






Contracts Awarded

AH New Gym 2_edited.jpg
project list

Owner: General Services Administration
Facility: Brownsville Federal Courthouse
Contract $2,400,000.00

Owner: U.S. Border Patrol
Facility: Del Rio Sector Headquarters
Contract $1,370,000.00

Owner: City of San Antonio
Facility: Main Public Library
Contract: $2,000,000.00

Owner: US Air Force
Facility: Laughlin AFB Visitor’s Quarters 

Contract: $700,000.00

Owner: City of San Antonio
Facility: One Stop Development Center
Contract: $861,000.00

Owner: The University of Texas System
Facility: Harlingen Medical Education Division
of the RAHC for UTHSCSA
Contract: $ 1,978,000.00

Owner: Texas Southmost College
Facility: Student Union Building
Contract: $787,500.00

Owner: Pleasanton ISD
Facility: Gym & Classroom Addition
Contract: $667,500.00

Owner: State of Texas Region 20
Facility: Administration Building 

Contract: $765,000.00

Owner: AHISD
Facility: Addition

Contract: $3,157,790.00

Owner: The University of Texas System
Facility: Life Health Science Building —
UT Brownsville
Contract: $1,789,000.00

Owner: Texas A&M University Systems
Facility: Texas A&M Int. University Campus

Contract: $4,300,000.00

Owner: Kohl’s
Facility: Department Store
Contract: $500,000.00

Owner: HE Butt Grocery Company
Facility: Grocery Store - San Antonio
Contract: $648,000.00

Owner: HE Butt Grocery Company
Facility: Grocery Store - Austin
Contract: $1,300,000.00

Owner: HE Butt Grocery Company
Facility: Grocery Store - Austin
Contract: $534,500.00

Owner: Lowe’s
Facility: Home Improvement Center
Contract: $830,300.00

Owner: HE Butt Grocery Company

Facility: PDC Warehouse

Contract: $4,950,750.00

Owner: HE Butt Grocery Company

Facility: Grocery Store - Lake Austin

Contract: $3,872,224.00

Owner: HE Butt Grocery Company

Facility: Grocery Store - Fair Oaks Ranch






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